Hello Confidence. Goodbye Ego.

Understand the thin line between confidence and ego to move forward in life with true confidence.

We all want to be successful in our life. Right? Every one of us hates failures. But to be able to conquer failures or escape them, we need to own some skills. So, let’s understand a very important aspect to heal our life: Ego versus confidence.

Ego & confidence are perceived as the same thing but there is a very this line of difference between the two that makes them opposite to each other. I can do it: My Confidence. Only I can do it: My Ego. If you are in control of your ego, your bad behavior is ensured to follow you all round.

Your ego forces you to force others that you are right at all times while you may not be but your confidence tries to convince others that we are right. Ego will never let you learn new things. Ego is resistance to change which is the key to success. If you don’t change with changing time, failures are bound to occur. Nokia smart phones are best examples of this that considered that they are superior in the Smartphone market & did not appeal to change occurring in the industry. The result is before all of us – death of Nokia phones.

Ego makes you close minded while confidence makes your mind open to the world of new things. Your Ego tries to prove all others wrong always, all the time. Ego can disguise itself as your self-confidence but you must lift the veil & should face it. You must be aware whether the confidence within you is your self-confidence or is your Ego in disguise of Your self-confidence. You need to re-direct yourself from Ego to Confidence. But how should we do that? Well, there are some tips for you:

Accept Your Ego

First problem with Ego is that we are not able to accept our Ego. We always try to convince our-self that we are just confident. We always hide it as our confidence. First accept your ego, and then only you will be able to win battle against it.

Laugh At Yourself

Do you try to put veil on your blunders? If you do, put stop to this practice immediately after reading this guide. If you yourself laugh at your mistakes before others do, nobody will be able to make fun of you. If nobody can make fun of you, there will be no ego issue.

Don’t Compare Yourself With Others

Worst thing you can do to yourself is comparing yourself with others. Everybody has its own strengths & weaknesses. At some points you are good while others are good at other points. Try to be at the top instead of trying to let the others down.

Never Complain

Just complaining against others brings negativity & a thought in your mind that how s/he dared to do this that leads to Ego problem. Never complain to even yourself again (if you do).

Admits Your Faults

Because the root of Ego is “I am always right”. So, if we are not embarrassing in admitting our faults & mistakes, ego will never come our way again. We wish that from now, you will have no ego

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