Keep Doing Good Stuff – The Beginning

An open initiative to inspire you and each person on the planet Keep Doing Good Stuff.

Hello, World!

Today —November 02, 2019 — is a very special day for me (as well as for you!) as I am going to introduce to you not just another initiative of OPEN CAMP: Keep Doing Good Stuff

Keep Doing Good Stuff… An initiative to inspire each person on the planet Keep Doing Good Stuff

Vishnu Goyal, Doer-In-Chief, OPEN CAMP

In the world full of adversity and scarcity of hope in humanity, I believe that there must be a platform where we together can share stories and ideas fueled by real-life experiences that can inspire us to live with purpose, re-affirm our faith in humanity, and move us all to Keep Doing Good Stuff

Keep Doing Good Stuff

In pursuit of creating such a platform and with the hope that I will get your support in this good effort, I am pleased to openly inaugurate Keep Doing Good Stuff official website!

On the occasion, I invite you all to be a part of the Keep Doing Good Stuff initiative and join the movement by sharing stories and ideas from your life, from the life of those around you, and from the life of those who influence you, who inspire you, and who make you believe in yourself and the good.

Of course, I will be sharing stories from my life too!

Moving forward on this journey, with you.

Vishnu Goyal

Keep Doing Good Stuff

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